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Farr 42 May 2007

Austral Yachts is proud to announce their first international export of the Farr 42. Headed for Ireland, this is the first in what is expected to be a long line of international exports. With interest from Scandinavia and Western Europe, the US and even as far away as Azerbaijan, the Farr 42 has certainly turned a few heads. More >>

Australian Sailing April 2007

Ray Borrett of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria has had a succession of Yachts named Laurelle in honour of his daughters Lauren and Michelle. His previous boat was an Austral Clubman Super 30, forging a relationship with South Australian boat builder Michael Keough of Austral Yachts. Download PDF >>

Farr 42 Club Marine Feb 2007

Can a seriously competitive race boat double as a fully-equipped cruiser on its days off? Ray Borrett asked the question and Laurelle provided the answer. Ray Borrett has been around performance cars for most of his when he describes his new boat Laurelle as a cruiser/racer you could well imagine him portraying his pride and joy to his wife in the way a man might insist that his new Audi TT is an ideal family saloon. Download PDF >>

Boats Plus March 2003

For a summer afternoon the marina seems exceptionally quiet as my mate David and I step it out along the pontoons trying not to miss our 3.30pm scheduled arrival time. We figure most people are still sleeping off their New Year’s hangovers, or catching up on jobs around home. Download PDF >>

Modern Boating February 2003

Australian builder Austral Yachts' latest offering is a lively cruiser/club racer with the option of getting more serious around the racetrack, reports Vanessa Dudley Download PDF >>

Australian Sailing October 2001

For many people, in many locations, owning a small cruiser/racer is only affordable or feasible if it can be kept on a trailer at home, or in a club yard. Download PDF >>

Trade A Boat April 2001

Australian company Austral Yachts has brought some 30 years of experience with trailerable yachts to meet the challenge of developing a fast, modern offshore and club racer. Download PDF >>

Australian Yachting March 2001

The launch boat that also named a class, Clubman, was built for and with input from Geoffrey Vercoe, one of Adelaide’s keenest supporters of far-flung regattas. Download PDF >>

Australian Sailing November 2000

Austral Yachts at Hamilton Island Race Week launched its new Clubman Super 30, a Scott Jutson onedesign keelboat targeting the growing interest in the Super 30 JOG class and set up to be inexpensively portable between regattas. Download PDF >>

Australian Waters June 1999

The calm, quiet voice of boatbuilder Adrian Keough assured me over the 'phone that I would be welcome to visit his yard in Hackham. A few days later I called out to Cottage Lane, turned up a tree-lined driveway, then drove past a pleasant house and gardens to the boatyard beyond. There I saw half a dozen gleaming yachts on trailers, and two large workshops. Download PDF >>

East Coast Boating June 1988

The trailer-sailer concept has been through a multitude of design expressions - water-ballast, alloy construction, TSs which would require a front-end loader to transport them and the current little "trick" go-fastrange, again originating in New Zealand. However, there are not many current trailer-sailers that fulfil the role of a genuine cruiser-racer. Download PDF >>

Australian Yachting July 1997

A family business, the company now employs 12 people. Austral have built over 350 yachts ranging in size from 20 feet to 40 feet, 300 of these being trailable. An association of owners has a membership of over 150 with sail training as a primary part of the association's function to encourage family involvement. Download PDF >>

Modern Boating July 1993

New-generation TS is big enough to offer speed and space, light enough to be manageable, and built to world standards. Download PDF >>

Australian Sailing June 1993

Austral Yachts' new trailerable, besides having the accommodation of a small yacht sails with a yacht-like feel. Download PDF >>

Australian Yachting May 1993

Who needs another trailerable yacht when the entire industry is struggling to stay afloat? Download PDF >>

Farr 42

The Farr 42 was developed as a joint project between Farr Yacht Design and Austral Yachts. The result is a quality yacht of International pedigree that will cope with the demands of offshore racing and cruising. Read More >>

Austral Racing

Jump onboard the Farr 42 built by Austral Yachts with footage from the Port Lincoln Race Week 2010.  The Spirit of Lexus, renamed Evolution Racing has recently won the 2010 Hamilton Island Race Week. Read More >>

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